Friday, October 16, 2015

Win a Free Book

A contest is running on the Chicago Vampire Series Facebook for a chance to win either a copy To Touch the Sun or Ujaali. I've posted a photo on the Facebook page of a ceramic bust of Dracula that I painted. It's patterned after the Bela Lugosi portrayal of the character in the movie. In the photo, however, you can notice something on the bust that you wouldn't see in a photo of Lugosi as Dracula. 

So to win a copy of either Book One or Book Two (your choice), go to the Facebook page and put up a comment revealing the mistake on the bust that doesn't fit with the portrayal of Dracula by Lugosi. 

You might need to search some Dracula/Lugosi trivia on this. 

The first person to post the correct answer on the pinned post will win an autograph copy of the book. 

Visit this link, like the page and comment on the thread.  

Good luck!

Here is the photo. Take a good look.

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