Monday, October 19, 2015

Winner of The Dracula Contest

Okay, so we have a winner for the posed Oct. 16 regarding the photo of my bust of Dracula and the little extra it had that Bela Lugosi never had when he portrayed Dracula. The answer, of course, was fangs. Bela Lugosi never wore fangs when he played Dracula, which was interesting because the lack of sharp teeth didn't detract from his portrayal of the vampire. 

Of course also interesting is the fact that while creating the iconic look for the character, he portrayed Dracula only twice in his entire career. Once for the original movie and once for "Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein" (a movie in which I feel he is allowed to really shine as Dracula more so than the original movie). 

The winner of the contest was Brian McKinley who himself has a vampire book freshly released titled Drawing Dead (Faolan O'Connor Novel Book 1) available on Amazon. Brian as chosen to receive a copy of Ujaali, which will soon be on the way.

Stay tuned for more chances to win free copies. I just have to dream up more contests. ;)

In the meantime, check out To Touch the Sun or Ujaali for yourself. 

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